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Hello world!

Hello there, welcome to Thoughts of the Future, my new blog!  This blog will, I hope, provide my opinion on current trends and where things are going in the future.

I wasn’t originally planning to call the blog “Thoughts on the Future”.  My original thought was to call it “Philosophy, Business, and Technology” or something of that sort.  Why this combination of topics? Certainly this combination of topics doesn’t necessarily describe the world better than any other trio of topics; combinations such as “The Mind, Society, and Economics” or “Science, Engineering, and Medicine” or “Money, Power, and Sex” would likely work equally well.  However, the topics individually are of interest to me.

Searching Google for philosophy business technology and selecting the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, the result I got was, surprise surprise, one of Google’s own pages, describing Google’s philosophy on its business and its technologySelecting the “Google Search” button instead, I mostly find a lot of corporate philosophies of various technology businesses.  Just to be sure, I tried the same search on Yahoo!’s search engine, and got more or less the same results.

So, maybe this is the only blog or other site out there that attempts to treat philosophy, business, and technology together, but I doubt it.  With over a trillion web pages out there, I’m sure there has to be a good number of sites, or minimally a good number of pages, that do treat the three topics together, but they’re lost among a huge pile of corporate philosophy pages.  As part of writing this blog, I hope to discover those sites and, through my writing, make them that much more visible.

Certainly, not every entry will be a clever fusion of the three topics.  Some enntries might only discuss one of the three topics.  Some might only discuss two.  Some might touch on all three, but be about something else entirely.

So why “Thoughts on the Future?”  Well, I tried writing drafts of a few articles before putting the blog up, and I found that a lot of the articles were more about the future.  Also, the domain name “” was available and it’s an easier name to remember than whatever else I would have chosen.

I’ll be writing again soon.

One final thing:  The theme of the blog right now is pretty plain, but I’ll be working on improving it over the next little while as I have time.