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All Those Exclamation Points!

If you read this regularly, you’ve probably noticed that trivial coincidences interest me!  So, it’s no surprise that I found it interesting that the last four “new posts” all end in an exclamation point!  Didn’t intend it to be like that, but that’s what happened anyway!  How about that?!

"The Amazing Race" and Natural Disasters

So I don’t usually write about the television shows that I watch here, but I’m a big fan of The Amazing Race. Wasn’t Kynt and Vyxsin’s performance tonight just the worst performance on a leg ever?

But what I was really thinking about as they left Japan was the earthquake/tsunami elsewhere in Japan the other day. Obviously, it occurred weeks after the show was filmed, but just after the episode in Japan was aired. That made me think about how the earthquake in New Zealand corresponded with the airing of the episode that, while it wasn’t set in New Zealand, was about as close as you can get to New Zealand without being either in New Zealand or in the water. Is China next on the natural disasters list? Should rescue teams in China be standing by?

Obviously, this is just coincidence and not something really significant, but sometimes coincidences can be interesting.